GasOnderhoudsKombinatie B.V., or GOK for short, installs and maintains central heating equipment in the greater Amsterdam area. We work with all types of kitchen geysers, bathroom geysers, central-heating boilers and combination boilers. We have been doing this for over 40 years, both for residences and for commercial and industrial buildings.

Central heating systems maintenance for businesses, owner-occupiers' associations and private persons 

You want to avoid your house or office being cold or without water. Even more important is to limit the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to the absolute minimum. Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and accidents
still happen far too often, unfortunately. Therefore, it is essential that gas
appliances, indoor gas piping and exhaust gas systems receive regular
maintenance. A GOK maintenance contract entitles you to periodic maintenance.
That way, you can rest assured that your systems are working safely and

A defect nonetheless

It is always possible for a system to start malfunctioning. First, please complete our defects checklist. If you have completed this list and the defect has not been resolved, call +31 (0)20 614 80 90. We will come to the rescue quickly.

GOK stands for

GasOnderhoudKombinatie B.V. was established as a company more than 40 years ago at the request of the
then Municipal Energy Company of Amsterdam (GEB). The aim was to prevent accidents, catch up with overdue maintenance and fix defects more quickly.
Today, we are active in the provinces of Noord-Holland, Utrecht and northern Zuid-Holland. Are you looking for a reliable central heating maintenance
engineer in one of these regions?


GOK only works with well-trained and experienced engineers. We are a member of the Uneto-VNI trade organisation. We are Sterkin and SEI approved to carry out water-related and gas engineering work. This is important to know if you want work to be carried out for you!

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GOK, the central heating company from Amsterdam, considers proper system maintenance to be  important, which is why we offer competitive rates. If you have a maintenance contract with us, you will receive a substantial reduction on any repairs. 

Other services 

Since 2008, we have been quickly and professionally providing several other services in addition to installing and maintaining central heating systems. These are:

  installation and maintenance of electricity
  roofing and zinc jobs

  installing ventilation systems
  sewage engineering
  exhaust gas outlet engineering