Use your heating safely thanks to the maintenance contract

GOK from Amsterdam offers maintenance and service contracts for businesses, owner-occupiers' associations and private persons. We are mainly active in the provinces of Noord-Holland, Utrecht and northern Zuid-Holland. GOK is also the right party to replace your gas appliance.

The maintenance contract

The GasOnderhoudsKombinatie B.V. maintenance contract entitles you to annual maintenance and servicing. Do you require someone to come by because of a defect? You will receive a standard reduced rate on wage costs and the house call. In order to be sure whether we really need to come by, please first do the check.

The service module

If you add a service module to the maintenance contract, house calls and wages will be free of charge. So you know exactly what to expect. This applies to all defects within the casing of the contracted appliance. However, it is important that you first complete the defects checklist.

Replacing a gas appliance

Is your gas appliance outdated or defective?  GasOnderhoudsKombinatie B.V. is also the right party to replace your gas appliance. Register here immediately to replace your gas appliance.

2021 Rates (for 18 months price per month)

Type of appliance

Maintenance rate

Service module

Combination boiler (for heating and warmwater)

€ 6,10

€ 4,26

Central heating boiler or gas stove (for heating only)

€ 6,10

€ 2,81

Bathroom/Kitchen geyser or gas boiler (for warmwater only)

€ 4,31

€ 2,50

Heat recovery appliance (WTW Unit)

€ 5,00

€ 3,35

Mechanical ventilation 

€ 3,35

€ 1,13

Indirectly heated boiler

€ 2,86

€ 1,69

Indirectly heated air heater

€ 3,81

€ 2,25

Rates for customers with a maintenance contract

Service work per half hour  
(work inside appliance)
House call
(if applicable)

Surcharge for defect service

Outside office hours 
Holidays and work days after 4:30

€ 28,50

Please contact us

For customers without a contract 

Customers without a contract can use GOK’s services as well. Extra costs are involved in this case and customers with a contract will be given priority. One-off maintenance for customers without a contract costs € 109,00 for the first appliance.

Rates for customers without a contract

House call


Wage per half hour 

Materials not included


Possible surcharge

After office hours and on holidays 
Plus local parking fees


Contact us immediately

Other information about the rates


It is possible to conclude a collective special rate central heating maintenance or service contract starting at 5 addresses, under the
condition is that it must be possible to visit the addresses for periodic
maintenance simultaneously.

Maintenance contract first time visit

When visiting a customer for the first time, GOK will charge a one-off house call fee, the costs of materials used and the wages if the call takes more time than a regular maintenance visit. The first year will be charged in full irrespective of the commencement date of the maintenance contract. During that year, a maintenance visit will be made. 

Service module first time visit

In the case of a service module, only that part of the year will be charged that has yet to lapse. This will be calculated per quarter.


As a result of the heavily increased parking rates in Amsterdam and the surrounding area, we are unfortunately obliged to pass on the parking costs to our customers where the defect service and installation activities (not in the case of annual maintenance inspections) are concerned.

Do you have any questions about our rates? 

Please contact us

Replacing a gas appliance

I agree with the general terms and conditions **

If we notice during our visit that one of the above details is incorrect, GasOnderhoudsKombinatie B.V. is entitled to adjust these for invoicing purposes.